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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Map location of water losses by using GPS technology [articol]Eleş, Gabriel; Popescu, Daniela; Bakos, Mihaela Violeta
2000Modelarea numerică a sistemelor complexe de exploatare a apelor subterane : Metoda elementelor de frontieră pentru modelarea numerică a sistemelor de exploatare a apelor subteraneEleş, Gabriel
2019Monitoring and analysis of land deformations and construction situated above underground golf [articol]Dragomir, Lucian; Eleş, Gabriel; Bârliba, Livia Luminiţa; Bârliba, Costel
2016Monitoring the Văliug dam behaviour during exploitation by using topographical observationsEleş, Gabriel; Popescu, Daniela; Pișleagă, Mihaela
2018Setting up a data transfer interface between total stations and the computer aided graphics softwares [articol]Eleş, Gabriel; Popescu, Daniela
2018Smart cities a chalange in urban sustainable development [articol]Eleş, Gabriel; Popescu, Daniela; Mateș, Sebastian
1998Topografie : culegere de probleme [topografie]Doandeş, Victor; Eleş, Gabriel
2019Topographic survey for update cadastral data of an imobile from Giarmata Timiş country [sic] [articol]Bârliba, Livia Luminiţa; Eleş, Gabriel; Bârliba, Costel; Dragomir, Lucian
2020Topographic works executed for the railway modernization on the Ploiești-Focșani sector [articol]Bârliba, Livia Luminiţa; Eleş, Gabriel; Bârliba, Costel; Dragomir, Lucian; Bârliba, Florin Cristian
2019Topographyc survey for achieving a recreation sport fishing basin [articol]Bârliba, Livia Luminiţa; Eleş, Gabriel; Bârliba, Costel; Dragomir, Lucian