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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Considerations regarding the improvement of the heat boundary layer flowmeter performances [articol]Şuta, Marcel; Perju, Delia Maria; Moldovan, Raul-Ciprian; Calisevici, Mirela-Nicoleta
2009Determination of anions and cations content in Romanian drinking waters by HPIC method [articol]Calisevici, Mirela-Nicoleta; Perju, Delia Maria; Dumitrel, Gabriela-Alina; Glevitzky, Mirel; Moldovan, Raul-Ciprian
2009Dispersion modelling of nitrogen dioxide coming from Timişoara thermal power plants [articol]Silaghi-Perju, Dana; Perju, Delia Maria; Pîrlea, Harieta Hermina; Dumitrel, Gabriela-Alina; Drăghici, L.
2003Echipamente de automatizare pneumatice de joasă presiunePerju, Delia Maria; Şuta, Marcel; Rusnac, Carmen
2001Echipamente de automatizare pneumatice de joasă presiune : aplicaţiiPerju, Delia Maria; Şuta, Marcel; Todincă, Teodor I.; Rusnac, Carmen
2005Experimental study of behavior to transfer of an heat exchanger “pipe-in-pipe” type [articol]Perju, Delia Maria; Şuta, Marcel; Căta, Adina-Elena; Pîrlea, Harieta Hermina
2008Influence of distribution coefficients on the transfer of radionuclides from water to geological formation [articol]Bragea, Mihaela; Perju, Delia Maria; Brusturean, Gabriela-Alina; Cristache, C.; Pîrlea, Harieta Hermina; Brînzei, Gabriela-Magdalena
2005Monografia catedrei de inginerie chimicăPerju, Delia Maria; Rusnac, Carmen
1992Optimizări în industria chimică. Vol. 1Todincă, Teodor I.; Perju, Delia Maria; Şuta, Marcel
2011Quality control of pastry products using the HACCP method [articol]Panfiloiu, Mirabela; Cara, Monica Cristina; Perju, Delia Maria; Dumitrel, Gabriela-Alina
2008Simulation of NO2 emission dispersion in Timisoara city, in a certain reference point in relation with a stationary source [articol]Pîrlea, Harieta Hermina; Brusturean, Gabriela-Alina; Silaghi-Perju, Dana; Perju, Delia Maria
2009Studies regarding the use of preservatives on soft drinks stability [articol]Glevitzky, Mirel; Dumitrel, Gabriela-Alina; Perju, Delia Maria; Popa, M.
2005Studies regarding the variation of carbon dioxide in certain carbonated beverages stored in polyethylene terephthalate bottles [articol]Glevitzky, Mirel; Brusturean, Gabriela-Alina; Perju, Delia Maria; Laslău, Gheorghe; Matyas, Loredana
2008Use of artificial neural networks as methodology of establishing the shelf life of carbonated soft drinks [articol]Glevitzky, Mirel; Bogdan, Ion; Brusturean, Gabriela-Alina; Perju, Delia Maria