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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007An approach to image fusion implementing feature level fusion on seismic attributes [articol]Ludușan, Cosmin; Lavialle, Olivier; Terebeș, Romulus; Borda, Monica Elena
2005Color image processing using complex wavelet transform [articol]Voicu, Iulian; Borda, Monica Elena
2008A combined fusion–diffusion approach for image filtering and enhancement [articol]Terebeș, Romulus; Borda, Monica Elena; Ludușan, Cosmin; Pop, Sorin
2006Cryptographical system for secure client–server communication [articol]Câmpean, Mircea-Radu; Borda, Monica Elena
2007FPGA based digital device for microarray image processing [articol]Belean, Bogdan; Borda, Monica Elena; Măluţan, Raul; Biarge-Rodellar, Victoria; Gomez, Pedro
2005Hybridization modelling in estimation of oligonucleotide microarray expression [articol]Măluţan, Raul; Borda, Monica Elena; Gómez Vilda, Pedro; Díaz, Francisco
2006Image filtering and enhancement using directional and anisotropic diffusion techniques [articol]Terebeș, Romulus; Borda, Monica Elena; Naforniţă, Ioan
2008An improved method for directional image smoothing based on structure tensors and vector field visualisation techniques [articol]Ludușan, Cosmin; Lavialle, Olivier; Pop, Sorin; Terebeș, Romulus; Borda, Monica Elena
2013Integration of Secure Mobile-Cloud Framework into a mobile cloud application scenario [articol]Popa, Daniel; Boudaoud, Karima; Cremene, Marcel; Borda, Monica Elena
2006An IP design of the idea cryptographic algorithm [articol]Ajo, M. A.; Fericean, Gabriel; Borda, Monica Elena; Rodellar, Victoria
2008Microarray image processing using Harris corner detector method [articol]Măluţan, Raul; Bricier, Aurélien; Borda, Monica Elena; Gómez Vilda, Pedro
2009Microarray image segmentation using marked point processes [articol]Keresztes, Barna; Belean, Bogdan; Borda, Monica Elena; Lavialle, Olivier
2013Overview on Mobile Cloud Computing security issues [articol]Popa, Daniel; Boudaoud, Karima; Cremene, Marcel; Borda, Monica Elena
2006Pixel-wise masking for watermarking using local standard deviation and wavelet compression [articol]Naforniță, Corina; Isar, Alexandru; Borda, Monica Elena
2013The radio frequency system dedicated to the study of carbon nanotubes behaviour in RF field [articol]Pantiș, Dan; Crişan, Nicolae Andrei; Braicu, Cornelia; Borda, Monica Elena
2004Selective encryption of image with IDEA algorithm [articol]Fericean, Gabriel; Borda, Monica Elena