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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Agrofitotehnia terenurilor ameliorate. Vol.1Constantinescu, Laura; Suciu, Zaharia; Rogobete, Gheorghe
2011Air pollution [articol]Constantinescu, Laura
2011Climatic moisture deficit in the period 1998-2011 in climatic conditions of the Banat Plain [articol]Nemeş, Iacob; Constantinescu, Laura
2012Degradation and global and zonal pollution [articol]Constantinescu, Laura; Nemeş, Iacob
2011Estimating water movement from salt movement [articol]Constantinescu, Laura; Grozav, Adia; Rogobete, Gheorghe
1997Evoluţia solurilor în sistemul de desecare Aranca, judeţul TimişConstantinescu, Laura
2011Gully erosion effect from torrential basins on the environment [articol]Nemeş, Iacob; Constantinescu, Laura
1990Horticultura terenurilor ameliorate. Vol.2Constantinescu, Laura; Suciu, Zaharia; Rogobete, Gheorghe
2012Impact of hydrotechnical arrangements on land resources of Banat [articol]Nemeş, Iacob; Constantinescu, Laura
2014Măsurători terestre : concepteNovac, Gheorghe; Muşat, Cosmin; Bălă, Alina Corina; Sturza, Mihaela; Ciopec, Alexandra; Constantinescu, Laura
2012Pedological studies and agricultural development in hydrographic basin Barcau [articol]Constantinescu, Laura
2012Researches regarding soil erosion and measures to fight it on the declivitous terrains located in the Cornea locality perimeter Caraş-Severin county ; Their impact over the locality [articol]Nemeş, Iacob; Constantinescu, Laura
2012Soil pollution by ash dump CET Timisoara [articol]Constantinescu, Laura; Nemeş, Iacob
2010Soils pollution control methods [articol]Constantinescu, Laura
2009Ştiinţa solului : lucrări practice [ştiinţa solului]Constantinescu, Laura; Grozav, Adia
2011Urban greening and life quality [articol]Constantinescu, Laura; Nemeş, Iacob