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2005Binuclear complexes containing barbituric derivatives as ligands-precursors for supramolecular structures. I. Synthesis and spectral properties of N,N’-bis-(5,5’-diethyl-barbituryl-1-methyl)-piperazine (VEP) and its copper(II) complex [articol]Bucovicean, Carmen Maria; Tudose, Ramona; Costișor, Otilia
2006Combinaţii complexe homo- şi heteropolinucleare ale unor elemente 3d cu liganzi de tip baze MannichTudose, Ramona; Linert, Wolfgang; Costișor, Otilia
2010Hydrolytic cleavage of the imino bond in Schiff base ligand N, N’-bis[3(4-dodecyloxy-benzylideneamino)-propyl]-piperazine by complexation ; The study of the new Cu(II) and Ni(II) complexes containing 1,4-bis(3-aminopropyl)piperazine as ligand [articol]Bucovicean, Carmen Maria; Cseh, Liliana; Crețu, C.; Costișor, Otilia
2005Mannich bases as ligands: N,N’-tetra(antipyryl-4-methyl)-1,2- diaminoethane as hexadentate ligand toward Cu(II) [articol]Moșoarcă, Elena-Maria; Tudose, Ramona; Alexandrova, Radostina; Costișor, Otilia
2005New compound with potential liquid crystal properties. III. Synthesis, characterization and mesomorphic ordering of N,n’-bis-[4-(4’-octyloxy-benzoic)-ester-benzyliden-n-propyl]-piperazine [articol]Cseh, Liliana; Csunderlik, Carol; Costișor, Otilia
2005Synthesis and properties of new oxovanadium (IV) –copper (II) complexes containing sulfide and 4,4’- bipyridine as ligands [articol]Vlad, Mihaela; Labádi, Imre; Costișor, Otilia