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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008About modulation strategies in single-phase flying capacitor multilevel PWM inverter [articol]Şchiop, Adrian Lazăr; Popescu, Viorel
2006Chaos in switching power converters [articol]Ivan, Corina M.; Popescu, Viorel
2008E-learning practical teaching of uncontrolled rectifiers [articol]Lascu, Dan Florentin; Lascu, Mihaela Ruxandra; Băbăiţă, Mircea-Ilie; Popescu, Viorel; Negoiţescu, Dan; Popovici, Adrian
2006Experimental results regarding the using of the UC3854 circuit for power factor correction in the drives with asynchronous motors [articol]Şchiop, Adrian; Popescu, Viorel
2008Fuzzy logic controllers for resonant inverters [articol]Tomşe, Marin V.; Popescu, Viorel; Simu, Dan
2006Instability of dc-dc converters at the boundary between CCM and discontinuous capacitor voltage mode [articol]Ivan, Corina M.; Lascu, Dan; Popescu, Viorel
2008Maximum power point tracking system for low power photovoltaic solar panels [articol]Trip, Nistor-Daniel; Popescu, Viorel; Dudrik, Jaroslav
2006Modeling, analysis and simulation results regarding a power factor correction rectifier [articol]Băbăiţă, Mircea-Ilie; Popescu, Viorel; Popovici, Adrian; Papazian, Petru
2006A PFC circuit based on a DCM operated BOOST converter with integration control [articol]Negoiţescu, Dan; Lascu, Dan; Popescu, Viorel
2006A quadratic boost converter with PFC applications [articol]Lascu, Dan Florentin; Negoiţescu, Dan; Lascu, Mihaela Ruxandra; Popescu, Viorel
2004Resonant inverter modeling for induction heating [articol]Tomşe, Marin V.; Popescu, Viorel; Paşca, Sorin