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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Waste management - approaches, strategies and differences between Romania and Norway [articol]Herban, Sorin; Hălbac-Cotoară-Zamfir, Rareş; Teșilă, Carla Beatrice; Foreid, Bente; Farkas, Csilla
2018Water distribution systems : numerical modelling and optimisationSârbu, Ioan; Tokar, Adriana
2010Water environmental situation of wells in Galda de Jos village, Romania: microbiological control [articol]Todoran, A.; Vica, M.; Glevitzky, Mirel; Dumitrel, Gabriela-Alina; Popa, M.
2011Water flow analysis at Mintia Dam on Mures river in case of endowing the retaining structure with a small hydropower station [articol]Nicoară, Șerban-Vlad; Popescu-Bușan, Alina Ioana; Lazăr, Gheorghe I.; Constantin, Albert Titus
2011Water management works within the Barcău/Beretyó River Basin [articol]Buz, Loredana; Peter, Anna
2010Water resources [articol]Dumitran, Mihaela
2007Wavelet OFDM performance in flat fading channels [articol]Oltean, Marius
2005Wavelet transform based ECG signal analysis [articol]Germán-Salló, Zoltán
2004A wavelet-based watermarking for still images [articol]Naforniță, Corina Alda
2012A wavelets based approach for time series miningStolojescu, Cristina Laura
2015Wear and corrosion behaviour of duplex treated mechanical partsDobra, Ramona Monica
2011Wear resistance improvement of titanium by surface alloying using electron beam irradiationPogan, Călin-Marius
2014Web 2.0 in English language teaching: using word clouds [articol]Tafazoli, Dara; Chirimbu, Sebastian Cristian; Dejica-Carțiș, Anca
2018The web based study guides in English - A key to successful internationalisation[articol]Păștinaru, Ioana Carmen
2017Web based teaching resources for business English classes [articol]Budinčić, Valentina
2016Web TV. Critères d'identification et caract éristiques intrinsèques [articol]Filimon-Benea, Anamaria
2004A web-based teaching tool for laboratory classes [articol]Stoiciu, Dan; Dughir, Ciprian Ovidiu Miron
2020What makes a good translator? A focus on the intercultural dimension of the translation competence [articol]Mihaela, Cozma
2014What skills do foreign languages teachers need in the 21st century? An intercultural configuration [articol]Savu, Elena; Chirimbu, Sebastian; Dejica-Carțiș, Anca
2007Which problem to solve? [articol]Coşer, Mircea