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Title: A methodology for the adaptation of a PMP at the determination of a PMF [articol]
Authors: Receanu, Ramona Georgeta
Hertig, Jacques-André
Fallot, Jean-Michel
Man, Eugen Teodor
Subjects: Extreme rainfall
Conceptual hydrological model
Alpine catchment
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Timişoara: Editura Politehnica
Citation: Receanu, Ramona Georgeta. A methodology for the adaptation of a PMP at the determination of a PMF. Timişoara: Editura Politehnica, 2010
Series/Report no.: Seria hidrotehnică, Tom 55(69), fasc. 1, 2 (2010);
Abstract: This paper presents a new type of very fine grid hydrological model based on the spatiotemporal repartition of a PMP (Probable Maximum Precipitation) and on the topography. The goal is to estimate the influence of this rain on a PMF (Probable Maximum Flood) on a catchment area in Switzerland. The spatiotemporal distribution of the PMP was realized using six clouds modeled by the advection-diffusion equation. The equation shows the movement of the clouds over the terrain and also gives the evolution of the rain intensity in time. This hydrological modeling is followed by a hydraulic modeling of the surface and subterranean flow, done considering the factors that contribute to the hydrological cycle, such as the infiltration, the resurgence and the snowmelt. These added factors make the developed model closer to reality and also offer flexibility in the initial condition that is added to the factors concerning the PMP, such as the duration of the rain, the speed and direction of the wind. All these initial conditions taken together offer a complete image of the PMF.
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