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Title: Mathematical models describing the relations between surface waters parameters and iron concentration [articol]
Authors: Faier Crivineanu, Marilena
Silaghi-Perju, Dana
Dumitrel, Gabriela-Alina
Subjects: Inginerie chimică
Ape de suprafaţă
Multiple correlation
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Timişoara: Editura Politehnica
Citation: Faier Crivineanu, Marilena. Mathematical models describing the relations between surface waters parameters and iron concentration. Timişoara: Editura Politehnica, 2012
Series/Report no.: Buletinul ştiinţific al Universităţii „Politehnica” din Timişoara, România. Seria chimie şi ingineria mediului, Tom 57(71), fasc. 1 (2012), p. 23-28
Abstract: Iron found in surface waters in small concentrations (ppm = mg L⁻¹) is considered as a nutrient, but above these concentrations it increases the eutrophication phenomenon by algal mass development, generating unpleasant odours and taste changing in drinking waters. For water treatment plants is essential to know the concentration of iron in water. Existence of some mathematical models to express statistical connection between iron concentration and water parameters can prevent the occurrence of unwanted effects. The purpose of this work was to develop a series of mathematical models in order to describe the relation between waters pH, turbidity, hardness, electrical conductivity and concentrations of iron presents in surface waters. For this purpose the multiple non-linear correlation method was used. The required database was created by daily monitoring, during the year 2011, of iron concentration and physico-chemical parameters of Danube River, in the upstream of Drobeta Turnu Severin town. This area is used for town water supply. Correlation coefficients of mathematical models that describe the relation between system variables have been shown that between total iron concentration and turbidity there is a determinant connexion.
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