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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Studies concerning the heavy metals removal from residual waters resulted from thermal zinc coating [articol]Lupa, Lavinia Afrodita; Iovi, Aurel; Negrea, Petru; Negrea, Adina; Radu, Ileana
2005Studies concerning the quality of underground water from west area of Romania. I. Nitrogen inorganic compounds [articol]Brînzei, Gabriela-Magdalena; Negrea, Petru; Iovi, Aurel; Negrea, Adina
2008Contribution to the knowledge of iron contains in water from west zone of Romania [articol]Brînzei, Gabriela-Magdalena; Lupșa, I. R.; Zora, M.; Negrea, Adina; Iovi, Aurel; Bragea, Mihaela
2009Removal of arsenic from underground water to obtain drinking water [articol]Negrea, Adina; Muntean, Cornelia; Ciopec, Elvira-Mihaela; Lupa, Lavinia Afrodita; Negrea, Petru
2009Studies regarding the arsenic removal from water [articol]Muntean, Cornelia; Negrea, Adina; Ciopec, Elvira-Mihaela; Lupa, Lavinia Afrodita; Negrea, Petru; Roșu, D.
2010Simultaneous removal of ammonium and phosphate ions from wastewaters and characterization of the resulting product [articol]Negrea, Adina; Lupa, Lavinia Afrodita; Negrea, Petru; Ciopec, Elvira-Mihaela; Muntean, Cornelia
2010Arsenite adsorption on some materials containing iron. Effect of anionic species [articol]Negrea, Adina; Muntean, Cornelia; Lupa, Lavinia Afrodita; Lazău, Radu-Ioan; Ciopec, Elvira-Mihaela; Negrea, Petru
2005Study regarding the process of ammonia ions removal from water using the ion exchange [articol]Brînzei, Gabriela-Magdalena; Negrea, Petru; Iovi, Aurel; Negrea, Adina
2005Comparative study of As (III) removal efficiency from water by electrocoagulation and conventional coagulation [articol]Ihoș, Monica; Negrea, Adina; Lupa, Lavinia Afrodita; Ciopec, Elvira-Mihaela; Negrea, Petru
2006Analysis of heavy metals adsorption and desorption processes from polluted soils [articol]Bogatu, Corneliu; Negrea, Adina; Moșoarcă, Giannin Emanuel; Lupa, Lavinia Afrodita; Ciopec, Elvira-Mihaela