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Title: Bare English-origin noun-phrases in Romanian [articol]
Authors: Greavu, Arina
Subjects: Borrowing
Bare form
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Universitatea Politehnica Timișoara
Citation: Arina, Greavu. Bare english-origin noun-phrases in Romanian. Timișoara: Politehnica University Press, 2014
Series/Report no.: Professional communication and translation studies;7 (1-2) / 2014
Abstract: English words borrowed in Romanian are most often adapted so as to conform to the morphosyntactic rules of the recipient language. However, sometimes borrowings remain uninflected for Romanian grammatical categories, by not receiving the relevant suffixes for gender, number, case, and definiteness. These unintegrated forms are known in the literature as bare forms. The present paper analyses such cases of English-origin bare nouns and noun phrases in Romanian, and tries to explain the structural, social and functional mechanisms that trigger their appearance.
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