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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020About the history of sewerage and treatment plants [articol]Stăniloiu, Cristian; Florescu, Constantin; Cotoarbă, Liliana
2017About the history of water supply [articol]Stăniloiu, Cristian; Florescu, Constantin
2012Collection of dangerous urban wastes [articol]Stăniloiu, Cristian; Dubău, Alexandra
2017The effect and the influence of climate changes on the meteoric water management in residential and industrial zones [articol]Cotoarbă, Liliana; Florescu, Constantin; Stăniloiu, Cristian
2012Possibilities of using rain water in households [articol]Stăniloiu, Cristian; Florescu, Constantin
2012Reducing the risk of flooding in areas with high vulnerability within Timisoara city [articol]Florescu, Constantin; Stăniloiu, Cristian; Podoleanu, Corneliu Eusebiu; Mirel, Ion
2010Reliability of small waste water treatment plant [articol]Stăniloiu, Cristian; Achim, Camelia Monica; Borbely, Brigitte; Murariu, Marcel
2011Self-degradation of water quality in distribution networks [articol]Mirel, Ion; Carabeţ, Adrian; Martin, Patrick; Florescu, Constantin; Stăniloiu, Cristian; Gîrbaciu, Irina Alina
2011Small waste water treatment plants, technologies, operation and performances [articol]Stăniloiu, Cristian; Borbely, Brigitte; Murariu, Marcel
2012Solutions for waste collection in rural areas [articol]Stăniloiu, Cristian; Băloi (Paloş), Cristina
2016Study on the rehabilitation and retehnologization of water management unit in the locality Sannicolau Mare, Timis countyDumitru, Petre-Pavel; Florescu, Constantin; Stăniloiu, Cristian