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Title: Reducing the risk of flooding in areas with high vulnerability within Timisoara city [articol]
Authors: Florescu, Constantin
Stăniloiu, Cristian
Podoleanu, Corneliu Eusebiu
Mirel, Ion
Subjects: Risc de inundații
Staţii de pompare
Bazine de retenție
Collector sewerage
Storm water
Waterstorage basins
Pumping stations
Rain intensity calculation
Flood risk
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Timişoara: Editura Politehnica
Citation: Florescu, Constantin. Reducing the risk of flooding in areas with high vulnerability within Timisoara city. Timişoara: Editura Politehnica, 2012
Series/Report no.: Buletinul ştiinţific al Universităţii „Politehnica” din Timişoara, România. Seria hidrotehnică, Tom 57(71), fasc. 2 (2012), p. 9-16
Abstract: In this paper are analyzed ways to reduce the risk of flooding in areas highly vulnerable during periods of heavy rainfall in Timisoara city. This phenomenon is caused by the inability of existing sewerage networks to carry storm flows during torrential rains. Solutions to combat flooding phenomena of passageways beneath railway lines, basements from some civil and industrial buildings and traffic arteries (auto and pedestrian), consist of arranging some waterstorage basins coupled with pumping stations or submersible electric pumps provided even in these buildings. Waterstorage basins will accumulate volumes of water collected from the surface of vulnerable areas during rain, and after the cessation of rain to be pumped into the existing sewer collector, or nearest emissary. Such arrangements were provided for those 6 passages from Timisoara city hearth considered at high risk of flooding during periods of heavy rainfall.
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