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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Alternative energie : a must for future [articol]Ştefănescu, Camelia; Beilicci, Erika Beata Maria; Beilicci, Robert Florin
2017Considerations regarding the consumption of drinking water to the detriment of the bottled one in large urban and rural areas [articol]Ştefănescu, Camelia
2018Environmental impact study as a result of sewerage from an urban area [articol]Ştefănescu, Camelia
2019The impact of environmental factors on population health in an urban agglomeration [articol]Ştefănescu, Camelia; Şumălan, Ioan
2018Impact on the environment due the construction of the sewage treatment plant and sewage system in Târgu-Jiu, Gorj county [articol]Ştefănescu, Camelia
2017The improvement of monitoring water quality drinking in large cities [articol]Ştefănescu, Camelia
2020The main measures and methods to limit the attenuation of soil waterproofing in large urban agglomerations [articol]Ştefănescu, Camelia
2019Mathematical modelling of groundwater flow in shallow aquifer containing a cavity of arbitrary form bounded by a partially permeable contour [articol]David, Ioan; Ştefănescu, Camelia
2010Natural attenuation – a method for aquifers rehabilitation [articol]Baliga, Daiana Loredana; Vișescu, Mircea; Ştefănescu, Camelia
2012Necessity of environmental technologies implementation in Romania [articol]Beilicci, Erika Beata Maria; Beilicci, Robert Florin; Ştefănescu, Camelia
2017Overview on ensuring a sustainable future for renewable energies in cities [articol]Ştefănescu, Camelia
2012Retention pond with the overflow device [articol]Ştefănescu, Camelia
2020A simplified example to upgrading of a hydropower plant through re-equipment and extension with a pump-hydro-storage-unite [articol]David, Ioan; Ştefănescu, Camelia; Vlad, Ioan
2012Stability analysis and flow behavior for dikes reinforced with geo plastics using numerical modeling [articol]David, Ioan; Banjac, Robert; Ştefănescu, Camelia
2019Underground storage of recyclable waste - a viable alternative for the pleasant aspect of the urban environment [articol]Ştefănescu, Camelia