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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010The appearance and degree of fitting of the river basin territory of Romania [articol]Popescu-Bușan, Alina Ioana; David, Ioan; Nicoară, Șerban-Vlad
2010Data base for Timisoara City groundwater [articol]David, Ioan; Eleş, Gabriel
1990Hidraulica : curs. Vol. 1. Mecanica fluidelorDavid, Ioan
1990Hidraulica : curs. Vol. 2David, Ioan
2008Hidraulica. Partea a II-a. Teme experimentale [hidraulicaDavid, Ioan; Şumălan, Ioan
2008Hidraulică. Partea I-a. Teme experimentale [hidraulică]David, Ioan; Şumălan, Ioan; Beilicci, Robert Florin; Achim, Camelia Monica
2010Hydraulic test and exhibition stand for Hawle valves in the modeling hall of the Faculty of Hydrotechnics in Timisoara [articol]David, Ioan; Man, Eugen Teodor; Brenninger, Hans-Jürgen; Wagner, Rupert; Giosan, Călin; Răcelescu, Radu
2010Hydraulik : experimentelle Themen [Hydraulik].David, Ioan; Şumălan, Ioan; Achim, Camelia Monica
2019Mathematical modelling of groundwater flow in shallow aquifer containing a cavity of arbitrary form bounded by a partially permeable contour [articol]David, Ioan; Ştefănescu, Camelia
1990Mijloace mecanice şi hidropneumatice de măsurare şi control : Curs [mecanică]David, Ioan; Bagiu, Lucian
2010A short overview of some results relating the modeling of flow- and transport processes in porous media [articol]David, Ioan
2020A simplified example to upgrading of a hydropower plant through re-equipment and extension with a pump-hydro-storage-unite [articol]David, Ioan; Ştefănescu, Camelia; Vlad, Ioan
2011Some environment aspects regarding the fly ash dump monitoring [articol]Heteș, Dorel; David, Ioan; Badea, Cătălin
2012Stability analysis and flow behavior for dikes reinforced with geo plastics using numerical modeling [articol]David, Ioan; Banjac, Robert; Ştefănescu, Camelia
2010A summary of activity in the field "Hydrotechnics engineering in theory and practice" [articol]Man, Eugen Teodor; David, Ioan; Şumălan, Ioan
1996Transportul poluanţilor prin medii fluide : curs [transportul poluanţilor]David, Ioan; Şumălan, Ioan; Carabeţ, Adrian; Nituşcă, Adrian