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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020About the history of sewerage and treatment plants [articol]Stăniloiu, Cristian; Florescu, Constantin; Cotoarbă, Liliana
2017About the history of water supply [articol]Stăniloiu, Cristian; Florescu, Constantin
2005Contribuţii la studiul proceselor de limpezire prin utilizarea filtrelor rapide cu straturi multipleFlorescu, Constantin
2017The effect and the influence of climate changes on the meteoric water management in residential and industrial zones [articol]Cotoarbă, Liliana; Florescu, Constantin; Stăniloiu, Cristian
2019Interferences past - present - future, in the water supply of Timişoara municipality from underground water sources [articol]Cococeanu, Adrian; Man, Teodor Eugen; Florescu, Constantin; Beilicci, Robert Florin; Vlaicu, Ilie
2018LinkPractical aspects for the rehabilitation of advanced, low capacity wastewater treatment plants. Case study: wastewater treatment plant on the Zimandu Nou industrial platform [articol]Rusu, Sergiu Teodor; Florescu, Constantin
2018Microplastics in the environment, an impairment of surface water quality [articol]Stăniloiu-Theis, Cristian Marius; Florescu, Constantin; Pintea, Dan
2010Optimization of the open fast filters exploitation from a surface drinking water station [articol]Florescu, Constantin; Podoleanu, Corneliu Eusebiu
2012Possibilities of using rain water in households [articol]Stăniloiu, Cristian; Florescu, Constantin
2013Probleme de hidrodinamică, reţele de conducte, canale şi maşini hidrauliceBordeaşu, Ilare; Dobândă, Eugen; Velescu, Cornel; Galeriu, Dorin; Baciu, Ionel Doru; Manea, Adriana; Sucitu, Liliana; Bădărău, Rodica; Florescu, Constantin
2012Reducing the risk of flooding in areas with high vulnerability within Timisoara city [articol]Florescu, Constantin; Stăniloiu, Cristian; Podoleanu, Corneliu Eusebiu; Mirel, Ion
2011Self-degradation of water quality in distribution networks [articol]Mirel, Ion; Carabeţ, Adrian; Martin, Patrick; Florescu, Constantin; Stăniloiu, Cristian; Gîrbaciu, Irina Alina
2019Small wastewater treatment plants a solution for isolated households [articol]Stăniloiu-Theis, Cristian Marius; Florescu, Constantin; Pintea, Dan
2010Studies regarding water clarification by fast ascending and descending filter in multiple homogeneous layers [articol]Florescu, Constantin; Podoleanu, Corneliu Eusebiu
2017Study on rehabilitation and retehnologization of sewage treatment plant in Deta locality, Timis County [articol]Florescu, Constantin; Benghia, Ion; Cotoarbă, Liliana; Heredea, Cristian; Pană, Marinela
2016Study on the rehabilitation and retehnologization of water management unit in the locality Sannicolau Mare, Timis countyDumitru, Petre-Pavel; Florescu, Constantin; Stăniloiu, Cristian