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Title: Criteria for stability in numerical methods [articol]
Authors: Gîrbaciu, Irina Alina
Gîrbaciu, Cristian
Bakos, Mihaela Violeta
Subjects: Hidrotehnică
Criterii de stabilitate
Ecuația de convectie-dispersie
Metode numerice
Convection-dispersion equation
Numerical solutions
Finite Difference method
Stability criterion
Peclet number
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Editura Politehnica
Citation: Gîrbaciu, Irina Alina. Criteria for stability in numerical methods. Timişoara: Editura Politehnica, 2011
Series/Report no.: Seria hidrotehnică;Tom 56(70), fasc. 2 (2011)
Abstract: Numerical solutions of convection-dispersion equation are numerous, but Finite Difference method has disadvantages two undesirable characteristics: stability criterion and numerical dispersion. Like most explicit schemes, this method is only under certain conditions. If the stability criterion is not met, the numerical model is prone to oscillations in space or time. The paper makes a comparative analysis between explicit forms central and upwind and analytical method of a homogeneous and isotropic system, 1D. Results will emphasize the upwind form is more stable than the central form, regardless of variation of Peclet
URI: http://localhost:8080/xmlui/handle/123456789/1123
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