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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Simultaneous removal of heavy metals from wastewaters [articol]Gheju, Marius Traian; Cocheci, Laura
2010Adsorption of p-nitrophenol from water on polymeric adsorbents [articol]Ardelean, Radu Ovidiu; Davidescu, Corneliu Mircea; Popa, A.
2010The comparative assessment of photolysis, sorption and photocatalysis processes to humic acids removal from water [articol]Sonea, Daniela Ronamina; Pode, Rodica; Manea, Florica; Raţiu, Cornelia Elena; Lazău, C.; Grozescu, I.; Burtică, Georgeta
2008Dyshomeostatic effects of nitrates from drinking water on non-protein nitrogen metabolites in Leporides [articol]Ghibu, George-Daniel; Gârban, G.; Falcă, C.; Baltă, C.; Precob, V.; Gârban, Zeno
2008Removal of some estrogenic pollutants from water by adsorption [articol]Ghirișan, A.; Drăgan, S.; Cimpoiu, C.; Roman, C.; Miclăuș, V.
2008Chemical modelling programs for predicting scaling of geothermal water [articol]Sebeşan, Mioara; Gavriş, Georgeta; Sebeșan, R.
2010Comparative study on lead(II) and cadmium(II) recovery from solutions by chemical precipitation [articol]Gavriş, Georgeta; Stoia, Marcela; Stănăşel, Oana; Hodișan, S.
2010Structural characterization of some Mg/Zn-Al type hydrotalcites prepared for chromate sorption from wastewater [articol]Cocheci, Laura; Barvinschi, P.; Pode, Rodica; Popovici, E.; Șeftel, E.M.
2010Studies regarding the soil level pollution with metals in limitrophe zone of Tg.-Jiu industrial area [articol]Moșoarcă, Giannin Emanuel; Chisăliță, L.; David, F.; Negrea, Adina; Vancea, Cosmin Nicolae
2011Measures taken to reach the "Climatic changes and clean energy" objective from the National Strategy of Sustainable Development, in Region V West Romania [articol]Costescu, Ioana-Alina; Hălbac-Cotoară-Zamfir, Rareş