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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Simulation of flooding in basin of Var river using Mike She programme [articol]Butișca, Anamaria Ioana; Man, Eugen Teodor; Crețu, Gheorghe; Bădăluță-Minda, Codruța
2010Expanding possibilities for using the software DrenVSubIR, to design associated drainage with deep loosening works through scarifying [articol]Sabău, Nicu-Cornel; Man, Eugen Teodor; Domuţa, C.; Bodog, Marinela Florica; Şandor, Maria; Teuşdea, Alin C.; Brejea, Radu Petru
2010A methodology for the adaptation of a PMP at the determination of a PMF [articol]Receanu, Ramona Georgeta; Hertig, Jacques-André; Fallot, Jean-Michel; Man, Eugen Teodor
2010Artificial lakes: problems and solutions [articol]Man, Eugen Teodor; Ienci, Ioan
2010Evaluation of watering uniformity in operating conditions for center pivot irrigation systems [articol]Cîmpan, Gabriela; Man, Eugen Teodor; Sabău, Nicu-Cornel
2010Technical solutions about how to use the geosynthetics materials in drainage systems [articol]Man, Eugen Teodor; Blenesi-Dima, Attila
2010A summary of activity in the field "Hydrotechnics engineering in theory and practice" [articol]Man, Eugen Teodor; David, Ioan; Şumălan, Ioan
2010Regional issues in water supply, sewage pumping and drainage [articol]Man, Eugen Teodor; Retezan, Adrian; Vlaicu, Ilie; Vanhove, Yannick; Djelal-Dantec, Chaphica; Dimitriu, Mihai; Vertan, Gheorghe
2010Example of exploitation of water energy in hydro systems using the hydraulic transformer type A. Barglazan and the hydraulic hammer (hydraulic pump) [articol]Man, Eugen Teodor; Djelal-Dantec, Chaphica; Vanhove, Yannick; Ienci, Ioan
2010Hydraulic test and exhibition stand for Hawle valves in the modeling hall of the Faculty of Hydrotechnics in Timisoara [articol]David, Ioan; Man, Eugen Teodor; Brenninger, Hans-Jürgen; Wagner, Rupert; Giosan, Călin; Răcelescu, Radu