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Title: Paradigm shift: some challenges and opportunities of online language learning and teaching [articol]
Authors: Popa, Alina-Roxana
Subjects: Online language learning
Online education advantages
Synchronous lessons
Social presence
Academic community
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Universitatea Politehnica Timișoara
Citation: Popa, Alina-Roxana. Paradigm shift: some challenges and opportunities of online language learning and teaching.Timișoara: Politehnica University Press, 2022
Series/Report no.: Professional communication and translation studies;15/2022;
Abstract: The current pandemic brought about unprecedented change in the way we envision education, which was forced to move online overnight, in the felicitous cases where the infrastructure was available. At least in the more theoretical field of foreign language instruction, the digital education era, whether imposed by lockdown periods or not, is here to stay. Despite its disadvantages, the affordances of online language learning cannot be discounted, nor can the prospect of significantly more people opting for online language instruction in the years to come. Hence adapting pedagogies for the virtual learning environment should be high on the universities’ agendas.
Other Identifiers: DOI: 10.59168/NIAO9642
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